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Looking for someone to control your stock? To receive, pick and ship out orders? Look no further, my friend. With our stock control software and product-suitable environment, you’ll be laughing when you ask Flow to step in.

Whether you’re a pick and pack start-up or an established retail fulfilment brand, the stresses of online retail fulfilment are enough on their own. Thing is, you don’t actually need to keep stressing. As specialists in bespoke order fulfilment, we’ll tailor our services to your requirements, presenting your products exactly as you imagined, without compromise.

Our automated software will give you the exact information you need, exactly when you need it. With a series of validated work platforms, we’ll pick and pack your product to perfection. With Flow, you’ll increase your customer ratings, stress less and make more profits.

Benefits of choosing Flow Solutions for your fulfilment

Benefits of choosing Flow Solutions for your fulfilment

And here are some more reasons to consider:

  • Safe, secure fulfilment areas
  • A close-knit network of pallet distributors and a full suite of carriers
  • Secure data protection
  • International dispatch available
  • Secure storage for stock (with CCTV)
  • Item level barcode scanning with the camera and weigh-check validation
  • 8% pick and pack accuracy
  • Returns processing
  • Product adjustment and re-work services
  • Full pallet picking


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