Specialists in direct mail and fulfilment

Our Mailing House specialises in direct mail and fulfilment

At Flow, we implement smart direct mail marketing to help businesses like yours to communicate and engage with new and existing customers through our main channels of mail fulfilment, contract packing, pos fulfilment design services and all kinds of print.

We create, print and deliver stunning, measurable and effective marketing campaigns. We’ll help you save money, increase your return and achieve your direct marketing goals.

In the last 11 years, we’ve worked with SMEs to blue-chip PLCs, including industry-leaders like Waitrose, Cadburys, Aston Martin, Virgin Trains, B&Q we’re even an authorised Walt Disney supplier, helping each of them to get fantastic results from their campaigns.

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Clever Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing

For a direct mail company like us, direct mail campaigns are our bread and butter. Whether it’s a small print run or a national campaign you need, you can get the entire project done in a jiffy. We make sure it’s quick, cost-effective and high-quality each time you demand our services. That’s why we’re the UK’s leading Mail and fulfilment house.

Clever direct mail marketing gets results

Example of certified clever direct mail

Copy & Creative

Maximise the impact of your direct mail campaign with Flow’s copy and creative service. Daringly dynamic, persuasive and eye-grabbing copy and designs are the name of the game here.

Yellow light bulb is switched on showing great ideas in Direct mail design and direct mail copywriting

Direct Mail Data Processing Services

A direct mail campaign does nothing unless you get the data right. What good will a killer campaign do if it’s not seen by the right people? Not only will Flow help you prepare and send direct mail that’ll work in theory, but we’ll take care of the data side of things too. And we won’t let you fall foul of GDPR either

Mans hand ticking a box indicating compliance in GDPR and postal marketing box showing competence in data handling and data provision

Direct Mail Printing Services

The print is a vital part of every direct mail campaign. Whether it’s digital print or litho that you need, we’ll make sure that yours is as efficient and affordable as possible every time. The standard? Always exceptional. And if you’re looking for a way to get on the level and talk directly with your market too, we’ll help you with effective personalisation throughout your campaign.

Image of toner for digital printing services and a pantone reference chart indicating colour matching for litho printing services

Machine Enclosing

Concerned that the labour cost of your project is going to be astronomical? Think again. Our high-speed envelope enclosing and polywrapping service helps us achieve a daily output of more than 300,000 items

picture showing a bhurs BB600 high speed envelope encloser with used for intelligent mailing solutions

Postage discounts

There are a number of ways to get postage discounts when sending mail. In fact there are so many that it can be very confusing.

Are you using stamps or franking regularly? Chances are you’re paying too much.

When it comes to sending mail there is a bewildering number of postage options, qualifying criteria and questions. Will franking really save you any money? How else could you get a better discount? By using a direct mail fulfilment company, that’s how.

Image of red traditional post box linked to cheap postage rates

Introduction to Packing

A good campaign is useless unless people see it

There’s more to your next campaign than great design and top-notch copy. Although those are pretty important too. Execution by experienced professionals, an empathetic touch and controlled delivery are what really set a decent campaign apart.

At Flow, we’re contract packing experts and specialists in all kinds of hand fulfilment. From complex hand assembly and collation services to folding, finishing and distributing, there’s not much we don’t do. As sticklers for attention to detail, we can guarantee quality assurance, particularly when hand packing delicate or awkward shaped products. We’re not just nerds. We’re nerds that can promise your campaign will be beautifully built, on time and on budget.

Blue decorative ball made by complex card folding, double sided tape application and hot melt glue assembly

Co Packing Services

Want exceptional contract packing services but at lower costs? You’ve just found them. Thanks to our cutting edge equipment and dedicated hand packing team, your next campaign will benefit from the highest standards and super fast turnaround times. We specialise in assembly, hand fulfilment, taping, folding and glueing, to give you a perfectly packaged product and cost-effective distribution.

Neatly assembled green love-heart shaped gift box

Pick and Pack Warehouse

Looking for someone to control your stock? To receive, pick and ship out orders? Look no further, my friend. With our stock control software and product-suitable environment, you’ll be laughing when you ask Flow to step in.

Whether you’re a pick and pack start-up or an established retail fulfilment brand, the stresses of online retail fulfilment are enough on their own. Thing is, you don’t actually need to keep stressing. As specialists in bespoke order fulfilment, we’ll tailor our services to your requirements, presenting your products exactly as you imagined, without compromise.

Order Fulfilment stages. Receive, process, pick, pack, inventory management and ship

Our fulfilment process

From the very first contact we’ll assess the scope of your job and use our mammoth experience and clever systems to make sure it runs smoothly. But the most important bit? Communication. We’ll keep you in the loop and give you opportunities for feedback every step of the way.

It’s a tried and tested process that consistently produces quality products and exacting standards. We’re always assessing our output and measuring production times to make sure we meet your deadlines. That’s why Flow customers are confident when it comes to committing to high specification work on fast turnarounds

Two cogs joined together with quality assurance text written on it.

Distribution Services

At Flow, we do more than simply design, print and pack your marketing communication. We’ll deliver it too.

Distribution is always secure, always on time, and always cost-effective.

The high volumes that we send out each year allow us to negotiate the lowest available rates. And you’ll take advantage of those great discounts every time you ask Flow to distribute your campaign.

Orange truck carrying leaflets, magazines, brochures for door to door distribution

The measure of fulfilment

If you can measure it, you can manage it!
How Flow will make a real and quantifiable difference to your direct mail campaign

“What gets measured gets done.” It’s an old cliché but the message is clear. How will you know you’re achieving your objectives if you don’t measure your progress? Every good business relies on solid feedback on their processes.

Stop watch and tape measure indicating measurement of all hand fulfilment processes within Flow.

Software & Integration

The Flow management systems help to control quality, efficiency and communication in everything we do. They help to manage our ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations too. Playing a vital role in pre-production, hand fulfilment, pick and pack and direct mail, these are systems that we’re really rather proud of.

Data Cleaninsing

Warehouse Stock Control

Order dispatch and fulfilment happens quickly and carefully at Flow. Thanks to our bespoke, dedicated software systems, we’re able to take full control of every aspect of every task, from quotations to dispatch. Each program measures performance, increases efficiency and helps us to achieve sky high quality in every job.

Product distribution using stock control system

Stock Management

A lot goes into making sure that stock is stored safely and sensibly at Flow. Here’s some information about the lengths we’ve gone to to accelerate fulfilment times and eliminate errors.

Man scanning pick and pack order using barcode technology

Green Objectives

At Flow we believe that everyone has a part to play in creating a greener future for this planet. And we think that companies like us need to take the lead. That’s why we’re constantly monitoring and trying to improve our environmental performance contribution to our ISO14001 accreditation.

Go green Tree icon representing eco friendly direct mailing

Why choose us

With Flow’s array of services, you’ll get more than a great product. Here are just a few of the ways you’ll make the most of your investment.

Bespoke software and a thoroughly personal service

Not only will we use our bespoke software platform to develop and facilitate your project’s individual needs, but you’ll get a personal service every time you call Flow.

As a Flow client, you’ll have your own dedicated account manager. They’ll get to know you and your project so you can cut out the time you’d otherwise waste repeating yourself.

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