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Green Objectives

Eco-friendly Direct Mail and Fulfilment Company

By placing sustainability first, we’re working to change the way our clients, suppliers and consumers view their own responsibility to the planet. We’re making progress across five key initiatives. Let’s go through them quickly.

Waste Management

Our processes identify new opportunities for recycling based on inbound work. With solid reuse and recycling channels for our standard work, we continue to reduce paper, board and other consumables from our office and centres of excellence.

Energy Consumption

At Flow we’ve reduced energy consumption across the board. That’s due to our ongoing goal to switch to intelligently applied, low consumption heating and lighting. We’ve actually managed to cut our water use in half despite the company doubling in size!

Team Effort

Everyone at Flow mucks in. The effort we’ve put into educating staff on our goals is really paying off, and we’re really proud of that. The entire Flow team works hard to incorporate sustainability and energy reduction at every opportunity each day, including their own travel arrangements. Car sharing’s on the up, and more staff are cycling in or working from home. The canteen’s now segregating waste and we’re constantly coming up with new ideas for continued improvement.

Biodegradable Packaging

We’re working hard to reduce plastic consumption from direct mail here at Flow. Using biodegradable packaging and reduced plastic content films that are made from cleaner polymers, we’re slowly but surely reducing the carbon footprint of our company and our clients. We only offer sustainable, FSC-accredited envelope stock and source our packaging products as responsibly as possible.

Sustainable by Design

At Flow we actively encourage ethical sourcing and end-of-life cycle biodegradability into every product. We communicate our ideas to suppliers and clients alike as we continue to advocate the weight of environmental responsibility behind every business choice.

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