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We all love to receive things for free, don't we! So today, we are offering you something for free - your own personal print portal, which will host ALL your print products, ready to order from your fully branded print management portal.

What is a Personal Print Portal

A personal print portal is bespoke online print management software which holds all of your print products ready to order with just a few clicks. So rather than calling or emailing a print manager each time you need to repeat a print order, or worse, roaming through google to find the right print product - a personal print portal solves this.

Our Sales Consultants will add all your existing print products to your portal for you so that you can order them from us with a couple of clicks. From business cards to banners, ALL your products can be added. What's more, whenever you need a new product, simply request it on your portal, and our Sales Consultants will add that to your portal for you.

Simpler, Faster & Cheaper

A personal print portal truly is a simpler, faster and cheaper way to purchase and manage all your business print. Here are the key benefits:

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Sound Good? What's the Catch?

There's no catch! You may already know that our Group (The Flow Group) recently acquired The Personal Print Portal, and as such, we can now provide print portals for all our clients. One of the key drivers for the acquisition was to enable our existing clients to benefit from the print portals. Though there are paid subscription options, for many businesses, the free option will do everything they need.

Businesses Perfect for a Print Portal

The types of businesses that particularly benefit are those that frequently order print, be it from one office or through multiple locations - one central ordering platform ensures branding stays on point irrespective of location. The sectors that significantly benefit are: Printers/print managers Marketing agencies Franchisors/multi-branch companies Charities Estate Agents Education providers Professional service companies

But You Have a Printing Business...

Many of our clients are printers or print management companies. So the print portal is here to complement what you offer. With this in mind, we have designed a specific option for you, which we call 'Partner Level'.

A 'Partner Level Portal' (PLP) gives your business a platform that enables you to create personal print portals for your customers (you can choose whether these are free or on subscription). A PLP puts your business in the driving seat - create portals for your clients or franchisees, add your products, receive a discount on our core products, and so much more. You gain access to our catalogue at 'Partner' (trade) prices for business stationery and print marketing products categories. You can then choose your own retail prices or stick with our standard prices.

Equally, you can upload your products. Further, you can select what products your clients can view (for instance, you could hide all TPPP products or simply hide the TPPP 'signage' products because that's your specialism).

Partner Level Portal

Add Our Existing Services to Your Portal

For those services you frequently order from us, we can add them to your portal for you. For example, services like direct mail, leaflet distribution and graphic design can be created as products on your portal, which you can click on and order direct from your portal.

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Our Print Portal Process

We have a simple four-step process; the process is the same whether you are looking just for print, for print and existing services, or whether you're interested in becoming a partner.

What to do next

You can either click here and request a free portal or contact us today and speak with one of our sales consultants who can create a free print portal for you.