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What is Direct Mail marketing 

01 June, 2020 Understanding Direct Mail Marketing

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is any physical correspondence (i.e. flyers, postcards, catalogues, leaflets, letters and etc.) that’s delivered physically to a prospect’s mailbox.

Direct mail types

There is range of direct mail types you could be using for your direct mail marketing campaigns. However some will work better than others depending upon your goals of the campaign. If you continue reading, you will find some tips on how to make your next direct mail campaign more successful.

Direct mail types include: catalogues, magazines, brochures, letters, flyers and leaflets, postcards, and many more.

Why direct mail marketing is beneficial to your business

Higher ROI (returns on investment)

Every single day people are bombarded with hundreds emails which most of the times are deleted unread. However you only have one mailbox, meaning you get way higher chances for your direct mail piece to be opened.

Research shows that four in ten people enjoy getting physical mail because it has emotional connection attached to it. This explains a median ROI of 29%.

Direct mail is interactive

Your prospects physically need to handle mail and will look at it before deciding whether to keep it or bin it, hence you have more chances to stand out than with email.

Including coupon or a promotional offer which requires your prospects to act upon it such as using it online, bringing it to the restaurant will increase the likelihood of keeping it.

Not as much competition

A lot of companies are using digital marketing as it is cheaper and takes less time and effort to see results.

And because not as many companies are using direct mail marketing, it is easier to stand out.

Works great with digital marketing

It is not a secret that every great marketing strategy uses multiple channels.

It can work wonders if you include discount coupons which they can use online. Or give your prospects something to do with your direct mail piece like participating in a competition by taking a selfie, watching a video and etc.

Direct mail is trackable

There are various ways how you can track the success of your direct mail campaign. Depending on your direct mail piece you can designate a specific landing page URL or unique phone number to call.

So when people visit your landing page or call a designated number, you will know that they came from that direct mail campaign.

Direct mail is tangible

Research shows that 66% of people have purchased a product because of direct mail.

Imagine getting a coupon book from Subway or one of your favourite clothing shops. The chances that you will keep the coupon book are high even if you do not have spare pennies to spend.

But next time you want to buy that purse or those shoes, you will remember you have discounts you can rely on.

Raise hands how many of you have actually done the same with emails? We get bombarded with discounts every single day by email so chances it will get act upon are actually lower than with direct mail.

Why direct mail works

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