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Stock Management

A lot goes into making sure that stock is stored safely and sensibly at Flow. Here’s some information about the lengths we’ve gone to accelerate fulfilment times and eliminate errors.

Receiving Deliveries

Our software links orders with our delivery booking system to make sure that stock deliveries go to the right place. The delivery teams are all equipped with handheld devices too. They use them to check that stock condition and volume are always ship shape and to report any problems on the double. If we receive stock that doesn’t match our quality and quantity standards, we can send it straight back.

Storing Stock

We don’t simply receive stock and lump it into a warehouse any which way. No, we store stock in particular places, according to different criteria. We’re talking things like the frequency of use, volume, sales forecast – and available space, of course. It means that we can pick stock quickly during each job, and dramatically accelerates the fulfilment process across all sectors.

Using receipting, reconciliation and clever put-away processes, we’ve eliminated errors and optimised efficiency in all our warehouses. Once we’re happy that any stock received matches our high standards, our bespoke software intelligently allocates it to the perfect position in the storage facility.


We take stocktakes seriously and check our inventory regularly at Flow. We always do a bit at a time to avoid any full warehouse shutdowns and to keep production moving. Our software deducts any scanned orders from the inventory system to keep the numbers in storage accurate.

Stock Levels

Dispatch services are always on time at Flow. That’s thanks to our systems that send automatic notifications whenever an item of stock gets to a low enough level to need reordering. We can order stock on your behalf too.

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