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Software & Integration

The Flow management systems help to control quality, efficiency and communication in everything we do. They help to manage our ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations too. Playing a vital role in pre-production, hand fulfilment, pick and pack and direct mail, these are systems that we’re really rather proud of.


With hundreds of possible criteria for any job, the pre-production team have a tough job. They make the important choices for each job then set the system to manage each aspect from quotation to quality points, stock to staffing and everything in between. The result? A robust and flexible job ticket which works with any related departments, removes risks and expedites the entire process.

Hand Fulfilment

People naturally work at different paces. That makes work done by hand pretty difficult to manage. So our software measures the cycle time of each team member, gathering photographic or video evidence to help us evaluate our capacity to achieve any given goal and maintain the quality assessment points. Our method has been invaluable in securing work through some of the UK’s leading POS manufacturers and retail outlets.

Pick and Pack

The system will seamlessly integrate with your sales platform and your schedule. Incorporating real time stock reporting, the system will manage all aspects of the job, from print through to batch traceability and dispatch. We use camera validation and pick software to ensure 99.3% accuracy in our packing and dispatch facility, along with secure information channels which safely control data. As a result, there’s no risk of error when it comes to print personalisation.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is predominantly completed by a range of high-speed enclosing machines. And a team of highly skilled operators who really know what they’re doing, of course. We regularly carry out and record running checks so you can get a comprehensive report on every mailer.

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