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A direct mail campaign does nothing unless you get the data right. What good will a killer campaign do if it’s not seen by the right people? Flow direct mail data processing will not only help you prepare and send direct mail that’ll work in theory, but we’ll take care of the data science operations as well. And, we won’t let you fall foul of GDPR either.

Data has always been a pretty confusing and heavily debated subject, but never more so than now. All thanks to a lovely little thing called GDPR.

Sadly, the GDPR regulation led to some bad, panic-driven advice flying around in 2018 and saw many businesses discard swathes of good data with absolutely no need.

The thing is you need to use data, if you want decent direct mail data processing response rates. And to do that, you need to have foolproof data profiling and data cleansing processes that you can rely on.

Good news then that data’s not tricky at all when you work with Flow. We understand the rules and we’ve got an in-house system that handles data cleaning and processing for you. It monitors even the most sensitive of data – all within the guidelines set out by GDPR. You can take a look at our data management policies here.

We’re serious about the integrity of our data management at Flow. That’s why we work on a clear-cut policy that asks all other companies – both upstream and downstream – to meet our stringent GDPR compliance.

That means that when you run a direct mail data process or a direct mail campaign with us, you can expect to do so within the law. You’ll receive expert advice to help you choose and use top data for your purposes every time. And the best bit? You’ll get great direct mail response rates as a result.

If you’d like some more info on what GDPR really means for businesses like yours, take a look at this useful information over on the ICO website.

Let’s go into a little more detail about what we do about data here at Flow.

Data procurement

Anybody can buy data. But to make sure it’s been reliably sourced and maintained and actually matches your demographic? That’s a different story. At Flow, we use only proven and trusted suppliers for both B2B and consumer data. Here’s how we make sure you use reliable data when you send direct mail with Flow.

Data cleaning and processing

Data cleansing is an important part of good data management. See, it’s crucial that you apply data subject preferences accurately before every direct mail data process and campaign. How else can you ensure proper data security?

To make sure that happens, you’ll want all your data cleaning and processing to be done by a GDPR compliant organisation; and one that takes data cleansing very seriously. Hey, that’s exactly who we are.

Data profiling

Better direct mail response rates often mean more sales. Using data profiling, you can group and target your audience efficiently and relevantly.

When you know exactly who your target is, you can create copy that’ll make an impact and get great direct mail response rates. And when you do that, your audience will see that you’ve used their data responsibly, according to their preferences. Thanks to our in-house system, data profiling will be a breeze when it comes to your direct mail campaign.

Returns management

Done right, returns management allows you to keep records of data accuracy and subject preferences. It’s also essential if you want to send direct mail by the most competitive postal prices. Plus, it’s a legal requirement when it comes to managing data, but guess what? Our in-house system makes returns management easy.

What is this software?

Using a flexible management system called Filemaker, we can interface with almost any client platform quickly and effectively. We use it universally at Flow, for everything from CRM and estimations to quality control and invoicing.

Filemaker hosting means we can share our returns management systems as a white label product across multiple sites. We regularly use it to create bespoke solutions that remove human error from complex and repetitive data profiling processes. It’s clever stuff that really helps you get the most out of your data every time you run a direct mail campaign.

Find out more about how Flow can help you get your data in order by booking in a call here. Or give us a buzz on 0800 043 7707.

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