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Reduced Postage Rates

When it comes to sending mail there is a bewildering number of postage options, qualifying criteria and questions.

Will franking really save you any money?

How else could you get a better discount?

And the answer is: by using a direct mail fulfilment company, that’s how.

Let’s start with some simple facts.

Because we send high volumes of mail out from Flow each year, we’re able to negotiate the lowest available letter postage cost through downstream access suppliers (DSA).

That means that for letter volumes more than 4000 (just 1000 for large letters), we can pre-sort your data to take advantage of the best-sorted mail postage rates.

Our software presents the mailing data into the required sort order for Royal Mail and our DSA suppliers deliver the pre-sorted items directly to the designated Royal Mail hubs, cutting out all Royal Mail’s sortation work.

So you can take advantage of the heavily discounted postage rates we receive.

You’ll get rates that are better than Mailmark franking, general franking, stamps and even lower rates than Royal Mail.

Are there different formats for mail sortation?

Of course! Here’s what you need to know.

For starters, the best way to get the cheapest postal price available would be to hit the minimum volume brackets. Got a volume over 4000 letters (or 1000 large letters)? You should be able to get even better discounts.

For advertising mail (or admail) there are two different formats you can choose: entry-level and intermediate. Both require that the mail is sent with environmentally friendly products (terms apply). We’ll send your mail using the most efficient products to increase your admail discount and get the best bulk mail rates.

Whether your job needs Mailmark or OCR, the admail data must be in suitable formats to pass. But if it fails to meet the standards, you can still send it as Business mail via either Mailmark or OCR to get the cheapest postal rates possible.

And if you’re sending fewer than 4000 letters (or 1000 large letters), you can still take advantage of our great bulk mail pricing. Up until around the 50k+ mark is where you’ll see the best-sorted mail postage rates.

How to save time and money (and keep sending lots of direct mail as you do it)

Did you know that 95% of enquiries for direct mail and postal rates find an even greater saving when Flow completes the whole fulfilment? Not only will we source your print and mechanically enclose the items, but we’ll bulk post too, using the most efficient format available.

You’ll find more time to do your own job as you benefit from the huge savings in three areas:

  1. You’ll benefit from the volume-related discounts we receive from our carefully selected print partners. They provide the responsibly sourced paper (FSC accredited) that’s essential for Green Post too.
  2. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming franking. Our high-speed envelope enclosers can insert more than 27,000 items per hour, all while intelligently matching and inserting.
  3. Enjoy industry-approved high-speed printers for perfect personalisation and variable data.
It really is direct mail made easy. If you need it, we can even supply data and help you with the artwork too. And whatever approach you choose, we’ll keep you in the loop at every step.

Want to find out more about lowering your postage costs while growing your business through direct mail? Call Flow on 0800 043 7707 or fill in the call back form below.

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