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Packing Services

Want exceptional contract packing services but at lower costs? You’ve just found them. Thanks to our cutting edge equipment and dedicated hand packing team, your next campaign will benefit from the highest standards and super fast turnaround times.

We specialise in
  1. Assembly
  2. Hand fulfilment
  3. Taping
  4. Folding
  5. Glueing
  6.  And many more

to give you a perfectly packaged product and cost-effective distribution.

The awesome team of contract packing experts here are responsive and reliable in their ability to assemble, well, anything. They’re accurate, they’re quick and they take pride in what they do. We’re a large team which means we can guarantee high volume production in time for any looming deadline. Here’s a little more info on the packing services you can benefit from at Flow…


From origami-style marketing to exhibition stands, our bespoke mail order packing team can assemble it all. (And if you need help with design, creation or print, our in-house designers can take that worry off your hands too.)

The sorts of full assembly items we’re regularly asked to produce include:

  • Free-standing display units (FSDU)
  • Merchandising units (MU)
  • Countertop display and all point of sale assembly (POS assembly)
  • Gift packing
  • Full retail unit production and high volume flat pack assembly services

Hand Fulfilment

Nothing beats the personal touch. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experts who are committed to doing hand fulfilment right. From popping a product in a jiffy bag to making up 4,000 cardboard point of sale displays, we put the personal touch into every element of our hand fulfilment. You might be delivering to millions, but every single individual will notice the personal touch of Flow’s hand packing team.

As with everything we do, our direct mail hand packing services are quality driven and all about giving you the best return on investment.

The sorts of hand fulfilment jobs we’re used to include:

  • Collation
  • Labelling and relabelling
  • Rectification
  • Product repackaging and bespoke enclosures for mail items
  • Non-machinable mailers
  • Order packing
  • Promotional and Seasonal Gift packing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Belly banding
  • Loose inserts
  • Tip-on inserts
  • Returns management

Glueing and Taping

With a constant stream of requests every week – some weird but all wonderful – we’re constantly adding to our portfolio of specialist glue and tape applications and their capacity with various substrates. Got an item that needs to be fixed? Peelable? Translucent?! We can do it.

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