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Our fulfilment process

From the very first contact we’ll assess the scope of your job and use our mammoth experience and clever systems to make sure it runs smoothly. But the most important bit? Communication. We’ll keep you in the loop and give you opportunities for feedback every step of the way.

It’s a tried and tested process that consistently produces quality products and exacting standards. We’re always assessing our output and measuring production times to make sure we meet your deadlines. That’s why Flow customers are confident when it comes to committing to high specification work on fast turnarounds.

Here’s how the process of your average job tends to run:

Client brief.

You’ll send us written descriptions, flat designs or maybe even actual samples. Or, if the job’s more complex, we’ll meet face-to-face to discuss the fine details.

Fulfilment Quote.

You’ll receive a detailed, clear outline of the processes, costs and timelines involved in the job. We’ll let you know our initial assessment for quality assurance and any recommendations to reduce potential risks or costs too.

Order Acknowledgement.

As soon as you’re happy to go ahead with the quote, you’ll receive an order acknowledgement.

Job ticket set-up.

Our pre-production team will check stock expectations, staff numbers and internal material availability to come up with your production schedule.

Receipt of stock.

We’ll check the quality and quantity of any stock that comes in for your job, allocate it to inventory and confirm your production schedule.


The team will check samples and make sure stock is fit for purpose, giving you a gold sample to sign off on. We’ll finalise the quality assessment points with you and give our staff any specific training required.


We’ll check the first run off and complete ongoing QA checks too. If needed, our checks will be supported by video and still images, and we’ll keep checking physical samples against the gold sample as we go. We’ll keep on top of staff performance to meet the deadline and give you lots of feedback.

Shall we get the ball rolling?
Let’s discuss how we can make your next direct mail campaign go places. Fill in the form below or call 0800 043 7707.

Promotional Print of Every Kind

Great design and copy are vital ingredients of a successful direct mail campaign. But if you don’t print it, nobody’s going to see it. With Flow, you’ll get the highest quality print at an affordable price every time. With extensive in-house digital printing capabilities, and a swathe of a specialist high-quality label, litho, and screen-printing partners, we’ve got the resources to run your print job to an exceptional standard.
Shall we get the ball rolling?
Let’s discuss how we can make your next direct mail campaign go places. Fill in the form below or call 0800 043 7707.

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