Specialists in direct mail and fulfilment

Introduction to Packing

A good campaign is useless unless people see it!

There’s more to your next campaign than great design and top-notch copy. Although those are pretty important too. Execution by experienced professionals, an empathetic touch and controlled delivery is what really set a decent campaign apart.

At Flow, we are contract packing experts and specialists in all kinds of hand fulfilment. From complex hand assembly and collation services to folding, finishing and distributing, there’s not much we don’t do. As sticklers for attention to detail, we can guarantee quality assurance, particularly when hand-packing delicate or awkward shaped products. We’re not just nerds. We’re nerds that can promise your campaign will be beautifully built, on time and on budget.

Got a fantastic promotion that’s ready to go? Or even just the glimmer of an idea? Here’s how Flow will help you produce something special, get it in front of the right people and reap the rewards.

How Flow can help you

Whether you want a few promotional or seasonal items packing or you’re looking at getting hundreds of thousands of non-machinable items in the mail, we’ve got the organisation, the tools and the team to get the job done right. And always at competitive prices.

Thanks to our specialist machines that do things you wouldn’t believe, and our nimble-fingered collation and hand assembly team, your next contract packing project will go places. No matter how complex the job, you’ll save time and money when you do it with Flow. Whether it’s a mechanised process or the human touch that you need, this is the way to turn your great idea into a roaring success.

So let’s talk! Fill in the form below or call 0800 043 7707.

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