Specialists in direct mail and fulfilment


Sales Apprentice


Our Sales Teams’ core purpose is to educate, advise, and provide solutions for new leads and existing customers to build their business as simply as possible.

Core Values:

Every new lead or existing client should come away convinced about our core values:

  1. “This will build my business.”
  2. “This is a no-brainer decision.”
  3. “I was advised and educated, rather than sold to.”

Brand Promise:

Everything we do is to make life simpler, faster and cheaper for our new leads and existing customers.

Job Role:

To respond to new inbound leads from marketing activities and look after existing customers. Customer contact is mainly by phone and email. The Sales Team sell artwork for print, business print, door to door distribution, direct mail, hybrid mail and contract packing.

Daily Duties:

Deal with enquiries and take bookings for new, existing and potential clients following the processes laid out on Filemaker (our CRM software), which typically includes:

  1. Respond to the new lead (be it a potential or existing client) via phone, email, website, live chat and social media enquiries.
  2. Qualify (speak with the lead and establish if we can help them or not, and if so, which services will be most appropriate for their requirements).
  3. Data Gathering (the lead has expressed interest and requires us to gather info to send them a quote, or they need to come back with more information before quoting).
  4. Send quote (a quote or estimate has been provided based on the info we have).
  5. Await or follow up for quote approved (the lead likes the price and would like to go ahead).
  6. Send one pre-populated email to onboard the client. This includes a pre-populated campaign agreement accessed via a link to Docusign (Campaign agreement to be auto-populated to Docusign), pre-populated invoice attached and text to explain payment method with link to GoCardless registration.
  7. If necessary, send over the design brief document. It may be appropriate to do this with or on behalf of the client.
  8. If GoCardless is refused by client establish reasons and form a solution, E.g. consider credit check – if approved requote on 30-day terms.
  9. Upon receipt of the signed campaign agreement and payment approval via GoCardless, raise the job ticket and invoice.
  10. Once payment is received, perform Job bag creation: with tasks auto-generated but to date, namely: Action bookings, design by RD, artwork approval, create print PO and order, send print approval to the client, receive approval on print, receive/chase print confirmation to proceed.
  11. Process fulfilment of job as per that service, as laid out on Filemaker.
  12. The system will automatically notify clients of start and finish dates (where applicable). Upon completion/commencement (if applicable) organise and send the ‘Thank you pack’.
  13. Follow up, cross-sell & request testimonial (with discretion)

Throughout all of these stages, continually update progress records on Filemaker. Utilise Filemaker to monitor the number of touchpoints, and establish a sales pipeline/funnel – if we are losing customers, at what point in the process do we lose them – establish why and what we can do about it. To assist with this, schedule sales activity within each working day as this will ensure effective and continual communication with leads and clients, which will benefit both parties.

It is important to note that once you are familiar and competent in all aspects of the sales process, much of the processing element will be handed over to our processing team. This will give you more time to look after existing customers and respond to new enquiries.

Contribute to the Team:

  • Assist other colleagues with their duties where needed.
  • Help ensure the office is presentable.
  • Contribute to strategy as a whole, particularly sales and marketing, including blog writing, social media posts
    and PR.
  • Attend and contribute to monthly 1-on-1 and department meetings.
  • Attend staff socials as much as possible.
  • Partake in internal and external training covering our services and performance enhancement (e.g. sales training, creating effective artwork).
  • Learn how to do production based roles so that when called upon, you can contribute. This also provides a greater understanding of our products and services, which you can pass onto our clients.

KPIs: A Sales Consultants KPIs are:

  1. Value of GP from sales p/m
  2. No. of multi-stage campaigns signed p/m
  3. No. of 5* testimonials received p/m


To respond to new inbound leads from marketing activities, and to look after existing customers. Customer contact is mainly by phone and email. Sales Consultants sell artwork for print, business print, door to door distribution, direct mail, hybrid mail and contract packing.

Points to Remember:

To ensure we grow as a business and you as a Sales Consultant, we need to maintain a healthy profit margin on each job we provide for a customer (the minimum margin will be allocated on Filemaker according to the service). As we will not always win a job on price, it is your responsibility to add value with the advice you provide and the relationship you build; this will ensure customer advocacy and long term client relationships.

Basic Job Details:

Start Date: From w/c 19/4/21.

Contract: Permanent, with a 3 month probation period.

Hours: Full-time, 35 hours per week Monday-Friday.

Salary: Starting at £4.50 p/h. This will increase to £5.50 p/h, on successfully passing your probation period. You will also be entitled to join our Pension Scheme.

Bonuses: £15 for every 5* testimonial received. £5 per stage of any multi-stage campaign agreement signed minimum 2 stages, max 12.