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Royal Mail Services

At Flow, we are positioned to offer substantial postage discounts thanks to our Royal Mail Partnership, the high volumes we produce, and the ISO credentials we have in place.

Royal Mail marketing services our mail house provides

Royal Mail Door to Door Distribution

Royal Mail Direct Mail

Royal Mail Door to Door Distribution

Door to door distribution is one of the most versatile and cost-effective marketing methods your business can benefit from. Leaflet distribution is where your leaflet is distributed to each door within given postcode sectors (e.g. within LS17 5, HD3 4, etc). We provide distributions from as little as 10,000 into the million-plus quantities. Estate agents, schools, councils and many other sectors benefit from this strategy as it is a cost-effective mass marketing solution, yet can still provide effective targeting options.

As a full-service mailing house, we provide an initial marketing plan, free of charge demographic data, artwork, printing, fulfilment and the actual distribution. To learn more please click on our dedicated door to door distribution page, or if you would like to progress quickly, please speak directly with one of our sales consultants.

Royal Mail Direct Mail

Direct mail is an incredibly targeted and personal strategy to market your business. It is where mail is posted directly to your exact target audience. Typically this is either to your existing customer base or to a GDPR compliant data list of your target audience (e.g. Landlords in the LS postcode sector). Direct mail is particularly beneficial for B2B marketing

Our mailing house provides everything from an initial marketing plan, data, artwork, print, personalisation, enclosure and postage. Whether you’re new to direct mail or a seasoned professional, please do click on our dedicated Royal Mail direct mail page for more details on our service, or simply get in touch and discuss your next campaign with one of our sales consultants.

If you are unsure which service is more appropriate for your business, our experienced sales consultants can discuss your objectives with you and recommend them accordingly. Please do contact us today and mention Royal Mail Services.

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