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Real Estate Direct Mail

Real Estate Direct Mail

Benefits of using direct mail for your Real Estate Marketing Campaign

The real estate Industry is expanding year after year. Competition for buy/sell properties is fierce, which is why you should not be ignoring real estate mailers for your next marketing campaign.

Research is done by Sales and Marketing Executives International resulted in some interesting statistics. The percentage of people taking action from direct mail campaigns look something like this:

  • First contact: 2%
  • Second contact: 4%
  • Third contact: 6%
  • Fourth contact: 10%
  • Fifth contact: 81%

In other words, using estate mailers provide you with a direct connection to your prospects in your desired locale.  Research also showed that people tend to trust direct mail more than emails.

Why choosing a professional mail house could be the answer to your problems

Because everybody is good at something and you might be the best at designing your campaign, but when it comes to printing and posting your mailer while sticking to a strict budget – that’s where you can count on us.

Here at Flow Solutions, we aim to offer you marketing solutions that allow you to increase the success of your campaigns.

So how about you spend more time doing what you do best and let us do what we are best at – handling your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Direct mail types to suit your Real Estate Marketing Campaign

  • Saturation Bulk Mail – goes directly to your prospects within a specific geographic location. There is no distinction made so everyone receives the same flyer, letter, postcard or brochure.
  • Targeted mailings – this type of mailing helps you to position yourself as a real estate agency within specific demographics. These mailings require having the lists of names and addresses of people who fit your chosen demographics.

Real Estate mailers to suit your business

Flow Solutions understands that every real estate marketing campaign is unique, which is why we offer few types of estate mailers for your consideration.

Real Estate Direct Mail Types

Real Estate Direct Mail Types

  • Accordion Mailer – a cost-effective solution to interact with your prospects. This mailer can expand to eight times its original length meaning you can design each section to target different areas of your business and measure its success.
  • Door hangers – this would work best with every door direct mail. Door hangers are a good way to promote your brand name awareness. Think about it: before entering the house, everybody has to take the door hanger off.  Once they have it in their hands they are bound to pay attention to it one way or the other.
  • Brochures – mailed brochure allows you to show the scope of your work as well as capture a variety of lead types.
  • Promotional Mail – this type of mailer gives you an opportunity to promote your newest offers/events to your prospects. Let them be the first to know about an open house viewing or any upcoming auctions you holding.
  • Postcards – design your postcard to promote your real estate business and send them frequently so your prospects have a chance to get to know you.
  • Typed letters – use info mailers to introduce your real estate business to potential buyers/sellers.
  • Newsletters – this type of mailer can build a strong relationship with your potential prospects. Just think about sending out stories of happy house buyers in their location, successful auctions or open house viewings held in their local area. This will definitely boost their confidence and trust in your real estate agency.

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