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Polywrapping services

What is polywrapping?

Polywrapping is enclosing a product within plastic wrap as the name suggests.

But it can be used for quite a wide range of mailing or collated work. The prime usage of polywrapping is for a magazine, catalogue, brochure and multi-item pack enclosures.

A good example of this is the enclosure of home and school learning materials for education, where there are multiple large items to collate and enclose.

What can be polywrapped?

Polywrapping is one of the quickest and most efficient direct mail options to enclose and post brochures, magazines, catalogues and books.

polywrapping examples

Polywrapping examples

The benefits of Polywrapping for Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Less bulky which keeps your postage costs down
  • Durable and protective – your product arrives in the best condition possible
  • Option to use bio-degradable film which increases your brands’ reputation
  • Keeps your brochures, magazines, catalogues and books clean, dry and safe

Our Polywrapping services include

  • Inkjet addressing
  • Carrier – sheet printing and insertion
  • UK and International mailings
  • Double sheet and missing product detectors
  • Postage discounts using Royal Mail or Whistl mailing services
  • Quality control – ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 certified

Alternatives to polywrapping

  • Shrinkwrapping

Shrinkwrapping uses a stronger poly material and is shrunk around the items using heat. This is most suitable if you require the pack to secure the product within firmly. We recommend this for heavier multi-item collations. E.g. sending a heavy catalogue and a large brochure in the same pack or a large quantity of thin or single sheet items in the same pack.

  • Poly bagging

Poly bagging is an option, which pretty much means manually putting things in a pre-made poly bag. When it comes to multiple feedable items we can mechanically collate these first. However, this works really well when you need to enclose 3-dimensional odd-shaped items that cannot be mechanically enclosed, for example, business packs for conferences may contain lanyards, pens, USB stick, stress toy and documentation which would be very difficult to machine enclose.

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