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Political budgets are tight and it might be really tempting to dedicate your money to digital.

Political Direct Mail Campaigns

However, research shows that mail is more persuasive for political outreach than emails. Nearly half of voters find mail had an impact on their voting decision.

So here at Flow Solutions you can forget about stress, unmet deadlines and poor quality. Every job we take on, we take it as our own. Forget about trying to find few different companies to fulfil your marketing campaign. A mail house like ours will help you to spread your political campaign messages far and wide.

We have worked closely with individuals/groups in political sectors to get their mailings out within budget and on time.

Our mail house can design, print and enclose:

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You do not want your perfect designed political campaign go to waste and never reach the correct the recipient.

So before you send your political mailer, make sure you have accurate data and your address lists are correct and complete which will help you manage your mailing costs in return.


If you send your political direct mail and address it to “the homeowner”, there is a high chance your mailer will be ignored and never opened.

Research shows, that 84% of your prospects will read their mail if it was addressed personally to them.  It would be a no brainer to ignore such stats – especially if your main goal is to gain votes.

Time is important

Create your drop schedule as you do not want your mailers landing too late or too early. Political mail is meant to tell your voters a story so schedule your mail accordingly as you head into Election Day.

If you are still not sure whether you should choose our mail house for your needs, read what our customers say about us by clicking on the image below. 

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