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Stress-Free Pick & Pack Solution

Streamline your pick and pack fulfilment and scale your business without increasing your overheads, your stress or your time.


Are You Looking For Someone to Control Your Stock?

If your Shopify eCommerce business is now at the point where stock control and pick & pack fulfilment is causing you more stress than it's worth - this page is for you! 

Remove Stress: Outsource Stock Control
Whether you're a pick and pack start-up or an established retail fulfilment brand, the stresses of online retail fulfilment are enough on their own. And, we completely understand the stress of such circumstances. The thing is, you don't need to keep stressing. With our stock control software and product-suitable environment, you will experience a stress-free convenience when you ask Flow to step in.

Specialist Pick and Pack
As specialists in pick and pack fulfilment solutions and bespoke order fulfilment, we tailor or re-frame our services to your requirements, presenting your products exactly as you imagined, without making you compromise on quality. Our automated pick and pack solutions will give you the exact information you need exactly when you need it. If there are any other specific measures you expect us to take care of, we are always there to listen to your particular demands. With a series of validated work platforms, we'll pick and pack your product to perfection. To serve better convenience, we are always open to altering the generic processes or workflows for you. With Flow, you'll increase your customer ratings, stress less and make more profits.

Shopify Partner
We have partnered with Shopify to provide seamless integration between your eCommerce shop and our in-house pick and pack software. As a result, setup is simpler, faster and cheaper than ever before. 

Who We Work With
The bulk of our clients send 500+ small to medium-sized items each month. Often, though not exclusively, these sectors are subscription box companies, beauty brands, luxury brands and vitamin/wellbeing brands. So if you fit in this space, we will likely be a great fulfilment partner for you.

Pick and Pack Costs
We have created a simple online estimation calculator to provide a helpful estimate of the likely pick and pack fulfilment costs bespoke to your needs. To calculate the estimated costs and establish which package may be most appropriate for your business, please use our Estimation Calculator.  

Next Step
To release stress, regain time, and scale your business, outsourcing your pick and pack fulfilment to us could be the most appropriate next step for your business. So please get in touch with us today and discuss your needs with one of our experienced Sales Consultants.

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Benefits with our pick & pack service:

  • Safe, secure pick and pack fulfilment areas
  • A close-knit network of pallet distributors and a full suite of carriers
  • Secure data protection
  • International dispatch available
  • Secure storage for stock (with CCTV facilities)
  • Item level barcode scanning with the camera and weigh-check validation
  • 98% pick and pack accuracy results
  • Quick returns processing
  • Product adjustment and re-work services
  • Full pallet picking
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