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30 April, 2019 How to track the results of your direct mail campaign

What gets measured gets mastered.

So you want to do some direct mail? Good decision.

Even in a fast moving and technologically advanced world, nothing beats getting your message into the hand of your prospect. Now here’s the bad news: direct mail is more expensive than most other forms of marketing, which means that you need it to work; otherwise, you’ll end up wasting significant amounts of money on marketing that doesn’t bring you a return.  And even if you ARE getting a return from your marketing, if you’re using other marketing tactics in addition to direct mail, it can be difficult to know where the results are coming from. As the great marketer John Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half”.

Every single direct mail campaign you produce needs to be tracked and measured to the nth degree to make certain that you’re spending money in the right areas

Ignore this advice and you’ll never know:

Whether it was worth spending the money on the campaign
Which marketing materials work better than others
The data that generated the best response.
And so on and so forth

The solution?  Tracking your results.  If you can track each element of your direct mail campaigns and improve them as you go, each campaign should work better than the one before.

The reality is that although a lot of businesses are aware of the need to track, precious few actually do, which means that they don’t know which sales pieces work and therefore, which ones to mail again.

As a starter for ten, I recommend tracking:

  • Return on investment – the cost of your mailing and the amount of money the campaign generated
  • Data performance – mail the same piece to different lists and see whether your results differ – this’ll show you which is the best audience for you to send more to.
  • Long form vs short form – test the two and see whether your audience buy more from long sales copy or short sales copy
  • Performance based on time of year – does the same campaign generate different results depending on when it’s sent?

I’d be tracking those as an absolute minimum, but if you’d like to talk about some other elements you can track, just drop me a line at [email protected] or give our office a call on 0800 0437707

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