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Lockdown lift dates and how each of those benefit you and your business

03 March, 2021 Getting your marketing ready for a post lockdown surge

Finally, there is some light at the end of the tunnel following the hope-filled announcement of the lockdown lifts. And it is also one of the best times to start planning your next marketing campaigns to boost your sales or acquire new prospects.

Let’s look at how each of the lockdown lifts benefits you and your business.

8th March – Reopening of Schools

Time to market education sector

Marketing education sector

Education sector

Finally, the schools are reopening!!  So if you are operating in the education sector, this is a brilliant opportunity to send your marketing materials and find out schools needs.

With our fast one-week turnaround option, your direct mail piece will land on your prospects doorstep in no time. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have been postponing their marketing until the last minute.

29th March – Outdoor  sports are back to business

Time to market golf, tennis clubs and etc.

Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports

This is the date to reignite all your existing members if you operate in outdoor sports like tennis or golf clubs.

The direct mail campaign here is most beneficial as your promotional letter or flyer will be delivered to your members in advance of the opening. And don’t forget to think about boosting new memberships were door to door distribution service would be the best option, however, the lead time is 4-5 weeks, so we encourage you to act fast.

As the saying goes, if you snooze – you lose.

12th April – Time to market retail, gyms, hairdressers and other sectors

retail marketing

Retail, Hairdressers marketing

This is the date we all have been waiting for. Hopefully, some normality comes back to everyone’s lives. This is the date where you can reach to your customers and say you are still alive and happy to continue with your business as usual. And one of the ways to do so is to send your marketing campaigns a few weeks before the 12th of April. Remind people you still exist and grab potential customers who will be in need of a haircut or gym membership, and etc.

Include all the benefits they’ll get with your service! Here are some examples:

  • Feeling good and confident with a fresh new hair cut
  • Losing that lockdown weight with fun and social multiple classes at your gym
  • Enjoying the hikes and views by staying in your glamping site or a hotel
  • Get a fun day with kids at the zoo or a theme park instead of going crazy as you already run out of all the ideas on how to entertain them

For acquiring new customers we recommend door to door distribution and for your existing customers, the direct mail marketing campaign is the one to go to.

17th May – Time to market holidays, football, pubs and restaurants

holiday drinking

Bigger group gatherings

This is a date where we can socialise again in bigger groups! Holidays within the UK and abroad can finally start. Restaurants and pubs are allowed to have people indoors. Wedding venues can reopen. And the most important large events and matches can ‘kick-off’ again!

Although this date can seem like ages away, however, to boost your business, you need to start planning right away. And here are some things to consider:

  • How are you going to ensure that people are choosing you to book their holidays with and not your competitor?
  • How can you encourage people buying seasonal tickets to the events in these unknown times?
  • Why people should come to your restaurant rather than the one next door?

Our team can help you with planning your next marketing campaign. They will be happy to help you with brainstorming ideas and strategies to make the most of this exciting date.

21st June – Time to market nightclubs

Nightclubs marketing

Nightclubs marketing

All social contact restrictions are removed and we are free again!

This one is for nightclubs to reopen. So if you were lucky enough to survive this pandemic, this is a great opportunity to push your marketing and invite everybody to a grand reopening.

With all the dates above, you understand that the next few months are critical for all business, so we want to help and ensure you have the best possible start with getting back to business.

Whether you want to kick start your direct mail campaign, door to door distribution – now is the best time to do so. And if you are interested to design and print promotional items such as pens, signage, uniforms, displays, we can help you here too with affordable prices.

Remember, the time of waiting is over, this is the time to act.

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