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We’ve seen enough rubbish marketing campaigns in our time to know that you can’t just send any old nonsense out in an envelope and expect to get a return on investment.

And when you’re sending physical marketing, the return becomes even more important.

That’s why we’ve assembled a highly skilled team, who is able to provide you with assistance when it comes to creative design and outstanding, compelling copy-writing.

What is Direct Mail Copywriting

Direct mail copywriting is the process of writing a copy that sells. The difference from other copywriting is that direct mail needs to focus on persuasion and sales, not on entertainment. Your goal is to get an immediate response from your customer.

But be careful and try not to make a mistake most copywriters do. They boost how great their company/product is instead of how their company/product will enhance their customers’ lives.

Would you buy from somebody who brags how many awards and nominations their company received (i.e. putting their company before customers) or who actually shows how their product/service made their customers happier (i.e. putting their customer first)? Personally, I’d go for a product that benefits me not the company.

Benefits of having an excellent direct mail sales copy

Think of how many random emails you get every day from retailers trying to pursue you to buy a new outfit or perhaps to buy a new online course. But how many of those you actually act upon? If you are anything like me, you delete most of your emails straight away without even opening them.

However, when it comes to direct mail brochure, flyer or leaflet found in your home, you get curious at least to glance at it. Fear of missing out is triggered and you want to see if that flyer is relevant to you. This only means that your direct mail campaign is likely to get seen and convert more giving you a higher return on your investment. Win-win.

Statistics confirm that 98% of people check their mail daily after which 60% of readers are influenced to take any action, e.g. visit a website or landing page.

Tips for great direct mail sales copy

The headline and the amount of copy are what makes your direct mail copy sell! 

Direct Mail Copy Headline

You can write a brilliant copy, a masterpiece if you like but if your headline does not grab readers attention, it will go straight into the bin.  And for the direct mail marketing campaign that’s the worst that can happen.

Take your time creating a headline that will snag your readers’ attention and spark their curiosity to keep on reading.

Long – Form Direct Mail Copy

Most people are interested in reading a long copy if it engages them, informs them and helps them to make the best choice for their particular purpose.

The research shows that long-form direct mail copy outperforms the short-form by 30%. No brainer really, if your customers have more information about your service or product, it is easier to convince and persuade them to take an action.

Know your customer

If you do not know who you are selling to, how can you even write a great selling copy that converts? Understand your customer, find out their fears and concerns, what they want and how exactly they want it. Once you figured it out, convincing them to buy your product or service should come easily.

Call to action

Imagine you have written an astonishing headline, grabbed your prospects attention and they read all your copy, enjoyed it but you forgot to add CTA. You have just wasted your money down the drain with your direct mail marketing campaign. Sounds terrible, but that is a harsh reality. Because you need to let your prospects know what is it you want them to do: visit your website, make a purchase and etc.

Our team has worked in this industry for years to know what works and what does not. We have seen some brilliant marketing campaigns with amazing response rates, but we have also seen the ones that performed rubbish and the reason being, they never had anyone to help them with their sales copy.

Call us to discuss your requirements or fill in our contact form and somebody will get back to you.

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