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01 September, 2020 Franking

Is there a better option than franking?  When your company is looking to save money on their mounting postal costs Fran […]

01 June, 2020 Understanding Direct Mail Marketing

What is direct mail marketing? Direct mail marketing is any physical correspondence (i.e. flyers, postcards, catalogues, […]

23 March, 2020 Things to consider for your business in this COVID-19 Apocalypse.

How to avoid the dread and come out ahead! Times are very different right now from anything anyone in modern times has e […]

11 February, 2020 How to create a flyer that works

The practical guide to mastering flyers that get results for your business. Part 4: The design In the final part of our […]

04 February, 2020 Boost your next Real Estate Direct Mail marketing campaign with these proven tips and tricks

A recent study showed that it takes less brain power to process information obtained from direct mail, meaning your pote […]

10 January, 2020 How to present your flyer copy

How to present your copy In part 3 of our flyers masterclass, we’ll be working out how to best present those words you […]

24 December, 2019 Writing a great flyer copy

How to create a flyer that works pt. 2 Writing a great copy The practical guide to mastering flyers that get results for […]

28 November, 2019 Targeting your audience to master flyers

The practical guide to mastering flyers that get results for your business. Part 1: The target audience If you want to c […]

23 October, 2019 Let’s be frank!

If you’ve put your business through a cost-cutting exercise recently, you’ll probably have looked at your franking c […]

01 October, 2019 Why data segmentation is crucial for successful direct mail marketing

Find out how to segment data usefully and make more sales as a result Data segmentation. Doesn’t exactly roll off the […]

16 September, 2019 Your step-by-step guide to data cleansing

Why cleansing data will make all the difference to your business, and where to start. It’s one thing to decide to go t […]

12 September, 2019 Digital or Litho Printing? A thorough explanation on how you should be printing your next marketing campaign!

We discuss the differences and let you in on a trade secret that could make this tricky decision for you. When you run a […]

02 September, 2019 The big no-brainer: benefits of data cleansing

Richard questions why any business wouldn’t put their data through the wringer Indulge me for a moment and let me ask […]

15 August, 2019 What does GDPR actually mean for Direct mail

Remember all the panic when GDPR came into force in 2018? Here’s why it was actually a good thing. When GDPR came into […]

09 May, 2019 How to get your direct mail opened by the right prospects.

If no one sees it, it doesn’t matter how good it is. There’s a lot at stake when it comes to your direct mail campai […]

01 May, 2019 When is the best time to send your direct mail campaign?

Do direct mail well, and it can be one of the most effective and profitable ways to market your business, product or se […]

30 April, 2019 How to track the results of your direct mail campaign

What gets measured gets mastered. So you want to do some direct mail? Good decision. Even in a fast moving and technolog […]

30 April, 2019 How to get your direct mail piece, opened, read and acted on

The first 20 seconds makes all the different – here’s how to win once your mailer gets delivered. Do you want to hav […]

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