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Co Packing services Manchester

Co-Packing Services Manchester

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You have been looking for the Solution to your Contract Packing requirement. Well, You Have Found It.

Our Fulfilment House is both ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environment certified. Our team is happy to listen and assist with your requirements, help you with planning and delivering your products on time. We provide contract packing services in a variety of areas listed below. But one thing is sure; you won’t regret getting in touch with us.

Building your business simpler, faster and cheaper

Working with nearly all the major supermarkets and a large range of well know brands POS, Flow Solutions provides the customers with Cost-effective, accurate and rapid solutions to all of the following

Our range of contract packing services is always tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s only packing or collate & pack, our professional team can tackle any task. And what makes us stand out from other competitors is that we make sure the production does not start before your approval. No matter how simple or complicated the job is, we will make sure to take time to understand all your requirements and train our staff members so you have peace of mind when it comes to quality and deadlines.

  • Design Advice

Do you have a project where you are not sure what packaging to use. You have the marketing campaign, but you have no clue where to start. Don’t be shy to get in touch, we have been in this business for years and we more than happy to advise whether jiffy bags or packaging is better for your products, how to save postage costs and many more benefits. You do not have to do everything yourself.

  • Construction – FSDU’s, CDU’s

Even if we tried, we could not possibly count all the different FSDU’s & CDU’s we built over the years for shops like Boots, Superdrug, Waitrose, Wickes. And every time the unit hits the store, we are proud of its pristine quality. Our production manager is all about quality, so you are in safe hands when it comes to it. Every unit is throughouly checked before it is packed. You could ask why we take so much time to make it perfect and the answer is because you wouldn’t display FSDU or CDU which does not look professional in your own shop. It’s all about representation.

  • Recovery & Rework – relabelling, repacking

You designed a perfect promotional marketing campaign just to spot labelling, packaging, branding errors. Such situations are stressful and your brain goes into overdrive finding solutions on how to fix the problem and still hit the original deadline. We can help you with this, once again, because we have seen many of such mistakes in the past, we can advise you what is the best solution for you.

  • Collation

Our fulfilment house picked and packed a variety of specific collation jobs. From a few different items to a larger amount, we have seen it all. We collate, pack and distribute it for you, so you do not have to outsource your job to too many different companies saving you money and time. And we also advise on data, so you could save on postage. Sounds good, doesn’t it? All our staff members are here to help, we enjoy it when our clients are happy.

  • Distribution to stores and warehousing

When you have only the office you operate your business from but have multi-pallet orders to be processed, stored, labelled and dispatched, our fulfilment house is ready to help. We have a full warehouse unit dedicated to the storage of your products and if it needs to be collated and packed per individual picks, you can count on us too.


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