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Co Packing services in Halifax

Co-Packing Services Halifax

You have been looking for the Solution to your Contract Packing requirement. Well, You Have Found It.

Flow Solutions UK Ltd are the number one choice as a specialist in providing packing services, we will listen to your requirements, assist with planning and deliver on your expectation. We provide Co-packing services in a verity of guises listed below. But one thing is sure; you won’t regret getting in touch. Read the services we offer and call us.

Collation & Hand Assembly

From Christmas Decorations for every store to One-off product promotional displays. Flow has experience in items from the smallest to the biggest, in size and volumes. But what makes the difference is that All & Anything we produce is timed, monitored and QA’d to ensure the results are on time and to the required standard. I go without saying that this allows us to be able to report on progress at any time during production.

Point of Sale:

Working with nearly all the major supermarkets and a large range of well know brands POS, Flow provides the customers with Cost-effective, accurate and rapid solutions to all of the following:

  • Design Advice
  • Construction
  • Quality Testing & Checking
  • Recovery & Rework
  • Collation
  • Packing & Packaging
  • Distribution to stores and warehousing

Kitting & Promo Packs

Not only can we provide the Contract Packing services for these types of project, but we are able to deliver them directly to the recipients if necessary with our Direct Mailing service. So whether they are being distributed at a single event or being sent out to individual customers we have the solution. Enabling us to be possibly the most competitive in our market for this service.

Labelling & Re-Labelling

Labelling and Over-Labelling are common requirements in the Co-Packing field. Product labelling, Bar-coding and re-application are always in use as a service here at flow.  What makes the difference is we time our production to keep on schedule and wastage is kept to a minimum, ensuring we are efficient and cost-effective.


As we all know Bagging is all about the Bag. But what bag and how it should be packed and sealed are questions that not everyone thinks to plan for. Flow plan for every foreseeable option and it’s always these details that set us apart from the competition.

Plastic Heat Bending

Flow also has the ability to create formed plastic POS additions like Pricing strips, Label holders, Shelf wobblers, Leaflet holders, Menu holders, Poster display holders, Countertop Information stands, Formed shelves and much more, from 0.4 to 6mm Plastic sheet creating folds up to 1.25m in length.

All of the above come with free consultation quote and schedule estimate. We also use a Gold Sample system to ensure satisfaction. We create Samples that are: Produced, QA’d, sent to you and Signed off by you, to ensure full peace of mind before production gets turned up to 11.

(Try and keep the questions to Co-packing or Direct Mail if possible. We are not qualified to answer the question, “Should my child do Ballet or Rugby?” We are happy to discuss that one, but the end result is in your hands!)


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