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Co Packing services in Halifax

Co-Packing Services Halifax

Have you been looking for your Contract Packing solution in Halifax and surrounding areas? Good news, you have found it!

Our fulfilment company will not only listen and discuss your requirements but also assist you with planning and hitting that production deadline. We provide Co-packing services in Halifax and the surrounding areas and most of the services we offer are listed below.

Contract packing services Halifax

Working with nearly all the major brands & supermarkets, Flow provides the customers with efficient,  cost-effective, accurate and rapid solutions to all of the following:

Contract Packing services in Halifax

Contract Packing services in Halifax

Hand Assembly Services

If you have products that cannot be packed by a machine, hand assembly is exactly what you have been looking for.

And more important if you or your customers appreciate the personal touch, our team and years of experience can help you from the creation of the exhibition & promotional samples like FSDU & CDU units to smaller hand assembly jobs such as print work, greeting cards, gift sets to large scale pallet orders.

Our fulfilment house has worked for years with companies such as Hallmark, UK Greeting, Image Data, Kolorcraft and many more. So when it comes to hand assembly jobs, with our ISO-certified quality management system and dedicated team, we know what we are doing.

Quality testing and Checking

We use a Gold Sample system to ensure your satisfaction. Before any job commences, we create a sample that is produced, QA’d, sent to you and signed off by you to ensure full peace of mind. Hourly checks or more frequent ones are implemented during jobs to ensure the quality is sustained throughout. Every detail matters and hence is checked.

Recovery and Rework Services

You have taken hours to plan, design and produce your promotional marketing campaign just to end up being in the position that branding, labelling, the packaging is wrong. What a disaster. But the marketing campaign still has to hit that deadline. So what do you do when you have thousands of products to rework or recover? Your best solution is to outsource everything to a professional fulfilment centre. And that’s exactly who we are. Our team has relabelled large quantities of pepper bottles just in few days. Repacked thousands of promotional gift sets in no time.

Packing and Packaging Services 

All tasks should be easy and hassle-free so you could have more time to focus more on how to grow your business and acquire new customers.

It does not matter what products you have to pack, our dedicated team will help you find the right packaging for you so it not only looks presentable but also is cost-effective. And if you have data, we can pack and ship your products just in time to meet your specific requirements.

For your peace of mind, all our team members are trained individually to carry out your job per your specifications.

Collate & Pack Services

Do you have individual picking orders that need picking, packing and shipping out? Our fulfilment house is not only ready to complete your collate and pack requirements but also we will advise you on how to present your data and labels so you could save more money on your project and treat yourself to something nice.

Plastic Heat Bending

We have experience in heat bending items such as:

Pricing strips

Label holders

Shelf wobblers

Leaflet holders and many more.

Our motto is Building Your Business Simpler, Faster and Cheaper. So you can be sure you are in very good hands when it comes to your bespoke job requirements.


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