Case Study: How we Saved a National Estate Agent £22,800 Per Year on Their Direct Mail Fulfilment

A national online estate agent approached us for help with their direct mail fulfilment.

Direct mail is their core marketing strategy and is integral to the growth of their business. So it was vital for them to have a strong relationship with their supplier and ensure that their direct mail is delivered on time and on budget.

Unfortunately, with their previous supplier, they had been failed on many occasions. As a result, the client-supplier relationship had broken down, and confidence was at an all-time low, leaving the estate agent feeling that they had been misled over mailing schedules and prices.

Here’s what they wanted us to do:

Wanting clarity and transparency, following their bad experiences with the previous supplier, they got in touch with Flow to request intervention and alternative quotes, using their current model as a guide.

They wanted:

  • Improved support and advice from a proactive, knowledgeable team
  • More accurate dates for campaign release
  • Faster turnaround from their incumbent mailing house (same day or next day was the request)
  • The confidence to trust

With diligent research done on their behalf, assessing capacity and identifying any cost-saving methods to implement that could be offered to the client, we submitted our quote, and they loved it, so we got to work.

Here’s how we did it:

We began by sourcing and installing additional enclosing lines, allowing us to guarantee a same day or next day fulfilment service. Next, a dedicated returns management system was written, tested and implemented. This meant we could provide multi-site data entry to a common ‘Do Not Send List’, saving the client vital time and staff resources without compromising their mailing obligations. We also began managing the physical aspects of returns, smoothing up the entire process.

Next, we switched the client from CBC delivery to Mailmark. This was the first step in cutting their postal costs and creating greater control and consistency.

We also switched the print and envelopes to FSC paper. Seamlessly transferring the print and ordering to our print management system, cut costs even further and qualified for ‘Green Post’ discounts once again, improving postal rates and increasing margins.

Here’s what happened:

Our client now has a fast and efficient fulfilment partner with complete print management and warehousing solution.

They also benefit from our advanced automated stock control and reordering system.

When brought together, these factors dramatically reduced their print costs, increased efficiency, and as we took the hard work off their hands, it significantly increased their staff resources.

As promised, we now release 100% of the mailings within 24hrs and many on a next day turnaround. As a result, we saved the agency an average of £18,000 a year on postal costs and £4,800 on print.

While for us, we’ve acquired an excellent client and continue to develop a very strong client-supplier relationship to this day.