Case Study: Bespoke Tracking For Manscaped Door to Door Campaigns

Manscaped was searching for a reputable marketing partner in the UK to help engage millions of men in the UK with a discerning taste in grooming products. And through our commitment to our clients' success and expertise in leaflet distribution campaigns, Flow has helped them achieve this exact goal.

The Client: Launched in 2017 in the US, Manscaped has quickly become one of the most successful brands for men's premium personal care products for below-the-waist hygiene and grooming. As part of their wider global expansion, Manscaped is now present in multiple major markets worldwide, and most recently in the UK.

The Targeting: Manscaped first got in touch in October 2021 with one simple request for us to facilitate their first leaflet distribution campaign in the UK. Being based in the US, the difference in time zones was bound to be a hurdle in our collaboration. However, to make the process easier for Manscaped, we always made sure to make the most of any communication. We were also extra proactive in conducting our research on Manscaped and their mission and the market for men's hygiene products in the UK. Based on our expertise and thorough understanding of Manscaped's goal, we quickly identified the target audience as individuals aged 18 to 35 with middle to high income in the UK's largest cities.

The Results: After tying up the details of our collaboration, Manscaped's first print and leaflet distribution campaign went out on 29th November, just in time for the Christmas shopping rush. Reaching over 50,000 addresses in 5 major cities in the UK, the campaign was an overall great success. Since then, Manscaped has continued to carry out monthly distributions with us, based on a year-long campaign scheduled that Flow has suggested. In fact, their quantity has increased by almost 300%, thanks to their tangible ROI.

The Highlight: The highlight of the partnership comes in the form of additional services we provide following each of Manscaped's distributions. We have created a system of tracking the effectiveness of each distribution over its lifespan of 90 days.

The system shows how many orders can be attributed to our distribution in each city. It compares the performance of the postcodes covered to other comparable postcodes within the same city. Not only does this help Manscaped to track the return on investment of their campaign, but it also helps to make sure they are targeting the correct demographics.

The system has so far proved to be an incredibly effective measure of the past distributions and a guide for future campaigns. And as it is also easily applicable to any clients in any field of business, we hope to extend this additional service to our wider clientele soon.