New Name, Branding and Website Revealed!

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Over the past few months, our team have been hard at work taking Flow Solutions to the next level. With staff training to enhance how we serve you, expansion into new complementary services, and transformation to our branding and website. We have taken on new staff, invested in and built multiple new pieces of software, purchased new equipment and acquired a print management company. All of this culminates in the launch of our new website.

Our New Name

Formerly Flow Solutions, we are now trading as Flow Fulfilment. Why?? The honest answer is people often mistook us as a water utility company! But, more so, we needed a name to represent what we do - we fulfil - we provide business marketing fulfilment along with many other fulfilment house services (including some new ones, revealed below).

Our New Brand

The updated name then, of course, needed an updated brand.

We wanted to create a brand that reinforced the heart behind the business and our overarching mission - to create a sense of simplicity in the business building process, like a current flowing down the river. The previous branding lacked a clear visual identity that supported the message, so we developed elements and assets such as the flowing lines to represent the ease we offer throughout every process visually.

In addition, the characters help the brand be friendly and approachable and add flexibility to the ever-expanding services that Flow Fulfilment offers. They also bring each page to life, whether it's in the hero banner, call to action bar or bringing visual context in the content. These assets are transferrable to infographics, editorial, print and digital (e.g. social media, email marketing).

The new brand represents much more, too, forming part of our company strategy - our purpose, brand promise and core values. If you remember anything from this blog, remember that everything we do is to help you build your business simpler, faster and cheaper than using a traditional fulfilment house.

Our New Website

With so much improvement and expansion with our services, it was essential to create a brand new website that reflected all our services. With over 200 extra pages, these will help you, our clients, navigate our services and learn how they can benefit your business. For example, rather than just having generic direct mail content, we have a direct mail service page and eight sub-pages covering everything from data and design, to postage discounts. To help with the navigation further, we have colour coded each service.

Our New Services

Leaflet Distribution: Since we merged with Mr Flyer back in March 2020, we gradually introduced this service to our clients, utilising the expertise and infrastructure from multi-award-winning Mr Flyer. Now, on the new website, we have launched it fully. We share the most proven strategy for leaflet distribution success, along with providing an end to end service: campaign management, demographic targeting, design, print, machine enclosing (where appropriate) and the door to door delivery.

Print Management: Do you currently spend too much time searching Google for the various print items your business needs? Thanks to our recent acquisition of the SAAS platform print management company, The Personal Print Portal (TPPP), we can now provide you with a portal, which hosts all of your products, ready to order. This saves you significant time, money and hassle.

Graphic Design: We now provide an in-house graphic design service as both a stand-alone service and as part of our other services. In fact, our graphic design team created our new brand and website. We provide branding & logos, business stationery, digital artwork, direct mail artwork, leaflet distribution artwork, packaging, promotional products, and signage & exhibition stands.

Hybrid Mail: Our revolutionary new hybrid mail service provides the same benefits as franking, but without needing equipment, consumables, labour time or office space. Instead, you can send your business mail from the office or home all in a couple of clicks. Moreover, our software makes it simpler, faster and cheaper than a traditional franking setup. To see how much you can save, why not use our online Savings Calculator. This service is due to go live in Spring, register your interest today.

Pick & Pack: With huge growth in the eCommerce sector, we have an ever-increasing demand for a pick and pack offering. As a result, we have heavily invested in developing a comprehensive Pick & Pack service which works seamlessly with Shopify online retailers. The businesses that benefit most from our service send 500+ small to medium-sized packages monthly. To remove the hassle and outsource the fulfilment aspect of your eCommerce business, use our Instant Estimate Calculator. This service is also due to go live in Spring, register your interest today.

Explore Our New Site Today

As you can see, there's so much change and improvement to our business for you to benefit from. So, why not explore our new site today and then get in touch with us to see how we can most effectively help build your business.

Explore our new website today.

Thank you so much for your continued and loyal custom. We look forward to serving you throughout 2022 and for many more years to come!