Graphic Design , Marketing Graphic Design - Is Your Business Leaving Easy Money On The Table?

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You may now know we have recently expanded our services, one of which is an in-house expert graphic design.

This blog delves into:

  1. The impact graphic design has - is your business leaving easy money on the table?
  2. Our unique graphic design approach - 3 success steps
  3. The key services we specialise in - so much more than just direct mail artwork!
  4. A quick intro to our head designer
  5. The benefits of using us - FYI, this is quite a long list!

What is Graphic Design?

The whole purpose of graphic design is to effectively communicate a message visually. Typically, this will either be digitally or in print.

The Impact of Graphic Design For Your Business

Graphic design has a massive impact on the success of your business. Like it or not, consumers judge your company on its appearance! As a result, your business may be missing out on thousands of pounds simply because your branding doesn't portray your business in its true light. The remainder of this blog will help ensure you don't leave easy money on the table.

Our 3-Step Design Approach

Discover how to create incredibly effective artwork that encompasses vital marketing principles, dramatically enhancing the returns on all your marketing. How? We have created a three-step formula for graphic design success, and here it is:

Discovery + Design = Delivery

So how does this work in reality? Here's a quick breakdown for you:

Discovery: We begin with a design consultation to discover what you're trying to achieve. We must understand your desires and expectations with any design project to advise and craft your design accordingly. Depending on the project, we will then run through a pre-formatted design brief to ensure all details are covered.

Design: We create your mockup design sketches and templates. Often, we will create a series of initial designs. Your feedback then helps us determine how to produce the final artwork. We will consider imagery, colours, placement, marketing principles, and so much more.

Delivery: We finish by delivering a final product, which will wow your clients! We will provide your branding, flyer design, marketing collateral, etc., ready to use, bespoke to your requirements. Where appropriate, we will also offer mockups to illustrate how the artwork will work in context - such as showing your signage artwork on the front of your premises.

Graphics Design Key Services

It's quite a long list here, and there's so much more we can provide, too - so if you don't see what you're after below, be sure to contact us and speak with our design team. To learn more on each design service below, simply click on it:

  1. Branding & Logos
  2. Business stationery artwork
  3. Digital graphic design
  4. Direct mail artwork
  5. Leadlet distribution artwork
  6. Packaging design service
  7. Promotional products design
  8. Signage & exhibition design

Meet Our Head Designer

Meet Rodger, our Head Designer. In his own words, here's a little insight into the guy who's looking forward to helping you with your design projects.

"I am a South African born but Yorkshire raised designer living in the breath-taking village of Holmfirth. I'd like to believe I live and breathe creativity, having first achieved a Diploma in Art and Design from Batley School of Art and Design. Later graduating with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design and Animation from the University of Huddersfield. I am passionate about all aspects of design, from digital and print to brand and motion graphics design, aiming to maximise the impact of exceptional design delivered to our clients.

Coupling conceptual thinking with creative strategy, I have been able to work with a multitude of different sectors and provide a wide variety of design services that stretch from print to brand and digital.

I am also a self-taught videographer and have been able to flex my skills with filming multiple weddings and promotional content, trying to channel my inner (more amateur) Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright.

I love spending time with my wife and two sons, going on adventures and having fun in my spare time. I am a coffee geek and enjoy discovering new and independent roasters who sustainably source coffee worldwide. I also love American Football, and I am a big Kansas City Chiefs fan."

The Benefits of using our Graphic Design Services

Whether you have been a client for several years, are new to working with us, or are yet to embark on a project with us - you will hopefully know that our overarching purpose is to educate, advise and provide solutions for you to build your business as simply as possible. Here are some of the tangible benefits you have working with us:

Marketing focus

  • Our graphic design very much has a marketing focus
  • Making artwork actionable, eye-catching and engaging is paramount in our design philosophy.

Experience in Graphic Design

  • We have been in business since 2008
  • Across our team, we have decades of experience in graphic design and the plethora of marketing and fulfilment services we provide.

Complimentary services

Accreditations & awards

  • We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. Therefore, you can be sure we run our business efficiently, with an ethical and sustainable mindset, and that we care about how we handle your data.
  • We have accreditation from the DMA, IPIA and JICMAIL - the top dogs in the print marketing industry.
  • Across our group, we have multiple awards, including Direct Mail Marketing Company of The Year.

We work with top brands

  • Our clients range from sole traders to bluechip PLCs, with some names you'll be somewhat familiar with: Waitrose, Aston Martin, Cadbury, Disney, B&Q, Virgin, Asda and Twinkl.

Next Step

If you feel your business may be leaving easy money on the table, we would love to help you. So please get in touch today and speak with Rodger about your graphic design ideas.

Andrew Robinson

Head of Sales & Marketing