Awards The Eaton Smith Business of the Month Award Winner

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We Have Won The Eaton Smith Business of the Month Award!!

Exciting news... we have won the Eaton Smith Business of the Month Award! Yesterday Mick and Andrew went to accept the award and received an impressive framed certificate (and goody bag!) and had photos with some of the Eaton Smith judging panel.

The Eaton Smith Award

The Eaton Smith Awards were established in 1995, created to showcase the best businesses in Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield. Their website describes it best, so in their own words...

"Winning a BOTM Award is a great way to showcase your business achievements and celebrate your hard work, brilliance and innovation as well as having the opportunity to win our annual Business of the Year award. These are held every July when the preceding twelve monthly winners and members of the business community attend the annual breakfast awards ceremony."

How We Won The Eaton Smith Award

We asked Eaton Smith Partner, Phil Clarke, to comment on what stood out to him and the other judges, resulting in Flow Fulfilment winning the award. Here is his encouraging feedback:

"Flow Fulfilment has shown incredible business development and growth, especially in recent years. The expert knowledge they have within the industry is what does and will elevate them above other businesses within the same industry. They impressed by creating a perfect balance between high-quality service and product, and true commitment to providing thorough support to other businesses with their own development".

A Little on Eaton Smith

Based in Huddersfield, Eaton Smith is one of Yorkshire's leading law firms. They provide all the services you would expect from top solicitors. From conveyancing to family law, employment law to debt recovery - you name it, they do it!

What stood out to Mick and Andrew when meeting many of the team was how down to earth and relaxed they were. Unlike law firms' rigid and stuffy stereotypes, the team genuinely loves working there and has a unified and friendly culture. That great culture is clearly rubbing off on clients too, resulting in continuous recruitment to meet demand.

A Big Thanks to Our Team

It goes without saying we are nothing without our incredible team! This award is excellent recognition for our loyal team's tireless work to build Flow Fulfilment into one of the UK's leading marketing and fulfilment mailing houses.

A Big Thanks to Our Clients

We are so fortunate to have clients just like you! You keep us pressing forward, growing, learning, and discovering new and innovative strategies to serve you and your business better and better. So thank you for your loyalty and continued custom.

Have a great Easter!

Richard Standing

Managing Director