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These made me thinking why only a few companies choose to do B2B direct mail. Yes, a lot could argue email campaigns are more cost-efficient but with a 15.1% open rate and the time spent drafting, designing email campaigns one would wonder how efficient it really is.

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Flow Solutions B2B services


If you want to educate yourself on how to make your B2B campaigns more successful, I encourage you to read on.

Benefits of B2B direct mail

Direct mail is a highly effective tactic for reaching time‐poor decision‐makers you struggle to engage through digital channels.

Business to business direct mail

Direct Mail stands out

No matter what direct mail type you choose for your B2B marketing campaign, with little creativity and imagination you can be sure it will stand out from any other generic spam we all get every day.

Carefully targeted B2B mailer can capture your audience attention easier than any email in people’s overflowing inboxes.  You have the advantage of stepping right into your customers’ lives as soon as they open your direct mail piece.

Research shows that 75% of people can recall a brand’s name after being exposed to direct mail as opposed to 56% of people who forgot a brand’s name almost immediately after seeing a digital ad (also mentioned in info graph).

Direct Mail is more personal

Imagine you receive an email with a subject line ‘30% of your next purchase’ and now think how many emails with similar subject lines you get and how many of those you actually open?

Now imagine you receive an interestingly looking or stylish envelope or a parcel which is addressed to you personally. You will be intrigued to open it, and then it’s up to your content and everything else to convert them into customers but a bit later on that.

Business to business mailers are easy to integrate

Does your company have Facebook, Instagram or any other type of social media?

Consider adding personalised URLs to your marketing piece which will enable you to track your response rate. Allow your prospects to access useful materials such as eBooks or video tutorials through your PURL (personalised URL) to build stronger relationships with your clients.

Using your B2B marketing campaign in tandem with a combination of social media and emails is proven to be highly effective.

The good direct mail response rate

Research shows that direct mail usually outperforms other marketing mediums such as email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it was also found that direct mail is twice as likely to be seen as more trustworthy than emails.

You can compare emails to eBooks and direct mail to books. Which one feels more personal and likely to be read and enjoyed?

Because it is easy to send automated emails to thousands of prospects in a minute and it takes longer to craft an original piece of direct mail. So when somebody receives your piece, they can physically touch and explore it and take time to take it in.

Unlimited opportunities to get creative

When it comes to emails you have a landing page to create which most of the times ends up looking like a lot of others. But with a direct mail piece, you can create something outstanding and extraordinary which will capture your prospects attention from the moment they receive it.

Think about the shape. Are you sending a parcel? How about using a different shaped box for your next marketing campaign instead of using a generic one. You could also choose to use a different looking envelope (e.g. bigger than usual) so it feels different in your hands when you receive it. We, humans, are used to the same sensations so when you receive a piece that stands out, you get curious to explore it straight away.

How about the colour? Which colour envelope you are likely to open: plain white or blue? It still baffles me, how many people know this but still choose to use a plain white envelope just because it is cheaper. But think; say your white envelope costs 3p each and your blue one costs you 7p each.  However, the response and conversation rate is 5% for white enveloped ones compared to 20% blue. So spending more you actually gain more too.

Also do not forget that texture and size matters too. A4 coloured envelope is surely going to catch more attention than a standard C5 one.

Best types of Direct Mail to use for B2B marketing campaigns

Promotional mailers

Promotional mailers are good when you want to obtain new clients by promoting your services, products or events, or maybe push a particular offer.

For promotional mailers use catalogues magazines or leaflets to get better results.

Letter mailers

Letter mailers or also called envelope mailers have definite advantages when it comes to your B2B marketing campaign. It allows you to include multiple inserts and because it is personalised, they look and feel more trustworthy to the reader.


Catalogues usually attract the highest audience engagement rate. Research shows, that people are willing to spend more browsing the catalogues, so it would be a brainer not to have one for your own business.

Dimensional mailers

A Dimensional mailer is an upgraded version of a leaflet or brochure. The pop-up, unfold and slide out. Dimensional mailers come in all sizes and shapes which enables you to promote your company or brand in a more creative, shareable, eye-catching way.

They also gain a better ROI than any flat mail; however, it does come with a higher cost.

Awareness mailers

Awareness mailers are usually used for ‘brand recall’. A printed version of your magazine or catalogue, the brochure would be a good start.

All-in-one packages

An All-in-one package is a combination of mixed types of mail in one marketing campaign. This can include any mix of brochures, catalogues, letters and postcards.

Tips to make your B2B mailers more successful

Make it unique and shareable

Direct mail costs more than other marketing strategies (e.g. email or social media marketing), hence you need to be very clear on what you can afford to spend to acquire a new customers. Make it into one of the compulsory tasks before you start mapping your direct mail campaign.

Start Small

If you are just starting with Direct Mail, start small no matter how great you think your idea is. Before you go ahead with targeting more than 1000 potential prospects, you better off to trial your campaign by sending it only to 100 prospects.

This gives you the scope to measure, learn and scale your results without spending too much.

Take your audience into consideration

Your target audience is important. You need to consider what would push them from the thinking cycle to the buying one.  Maybe buy sending a physical mail you’ll give them a chance to understand your products or services better.

Consider envelope optimisation

As mentioned before, which envelope would catch your attention plain white window/non-window envelope or the one which has various prints on or differs in colour?

A lot of companies like Tetra Pak already enjoy their higher response rate by optimising their envelopes, so what is stopping you?

Make it unique and shareable

Grab your prospects attention with an extraordinary looking mail piece whether it is an original packaging or free samples. The more you can come up with a unique idea, the more prospects will appreciate it.

We hope you found it helpful and it gave you some ideas on how to draft your B2B marketing campaign.

If you already have a campaign in mind, give us a bell and we will be happy to help you no matter how big, small or complicated your campaign is.

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