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About us

Back in 2008, my wife Helen fell pregnant with our first child.

It was an exciting time, but an apprehensive one too.

At the time I was working for a trade magazine group in the UAE as a director of publishing, and I’d reached a bit of a crossroad.

You see, having worked with a lot of clients in my 12 years at that business, I’d realised that there were two principal types of customers that we served.

Those who understood marketing, and those who didn’t.

The former group regularly outperformed their competition by applying simple and effective marketing strategies, and seeing their success made me determined to apply those same principles to growing the business I worked for.

My employers didn’t share my vision, and after a while I felt that my time was up – it was time to spread my wings.

With our family, literally, swelling in front of our eyes, the time was now.

But I needed somewhere to fly to.

I was passionate about helping businesses to grow by using smart mailing and fulfilment strategies, so it was only natural to move into that space.

I joined forces with my good friend Mick Taylor and Flow was born in July 2008, with one simple goal:

To help businesses save money on their mailing and fulfilment, reduce their stress during big projects and ultimately increase their revenue and profits.

Mick was in charge of production, and I was tasked with business development and marketing.

And things went well. For about three months!

Business flowed through the doors until the rude sound of the recession interrupted all of our lives and the marketing budgets of many of our clients.

We had two options. Fight, or flight.

We chose the latter.

Rather than just trying to ride out the storm and burn money in the process, we decided to diversify.

Looking at our client base, we saw the same two distinct groups emerging again.
Those who marketed, and those who didn’t.

We decided to focus on the marketing savvy segment.

After only a short time in business, we’d shifted focus, becoming the “marketing fulfilment guys”.

The rest is history.

Since 2008 we’ve worked with thousands of marketing-focused businesses, helping out on direct mail, product launches, in-store promotions and pretty much everything else you can think of.

We’ve worked with businesses like Cadbury’s, Jaguar and Disney, through to SMEs, and – despite the challenges – we’ve loved every minute of it.

And that’s where we are.

We’re over a decade into our journey, and our commitment remains absolute:

To work with marketing savvy businesses to solve their problems, assess where they are going wrong and keep them on track, and use our mailing and fulfilment expertise to accelerate their growth.

To make THE difference, in whatever we can.

I look back to that day when we decided to take the leap, and I’m so glad we made it. These early years have been precious, and I’m looking forward – with excitement – to the next chapter.


P.S. Oh, and the pregnancy went well by the way – Sam’s now 11 and has a little brother William who’s 5!